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Court Administrator

The office of the court administrator assists the Judges with the non-judicial activities of the court. This office is involved with case management/scheduling, jury management and pretrial services. Modern administrative techniques are utilized in the day-to-day court operations, and this office serves as a promoter of court technology and innovation. The court administrator and her staff function within general management areas rather than specific legal areas. Additionally, this office assists attorneys, members of the public, other justice system employees and litigants by providing them with current information pertaining to individual court cases and specific case events. Further, the capability to conduct court related research is an important responsibility of this office.

Court Administrator
Crystal Taylor Cooper
(912) 652-7127

Deputy Court Administrator 

Jean Cottier
Phone: (912) 652-7128
Fax: (912) 652-7130

Case Management Division

One of the essential elements of the court's mission is the timely flow and effective management of the court's cases through the court system. Case flow management, far from being a science, can best be described as an art form, an art form far more advanced today than it was over a decade ago. This division provides the court with the necessary tools to facilitate the flow of cases through the system. Additionally, this division provides the court and the court administrator with the necessary workload information so that sound management decisions can be made.

Nan Garner
(912) 652-7131

Jury Management Division

Yearly a Master List containing all citizens of Chatham County, Georgia is provided to the Jury Service Division of the Superior Court Administrator’s Office by the Georgia Superior Court Council of Clerks. This Master List contains all citizens in Chatham County who are registered to vote or who are in the Department of Drivers’ Services’ records as having a driver’s license or ID card in Chatham County. Each week of the year approximately 300 to 800 people are selected at random by the computer from this Master List of potential jurors. The summonses for those selected are mailed approximately a month prior to their term of service. Through the use of the automated Juror Information Line (652-7169) and the Chatham County website (, jurors are able to access their reporting instructions during their term of jury service. A citizen in Chatham County will usually be on call for service for one week. During most weeks, summoned citizens will only need to report one day for the selection process and, if chosen, serve on one trial until it is completed. Most trials in Chatham County last one to three days, and even if there is an exception and a trial lasts longer, all trials started during a week will usually end by the end of a juror’s on-call week. It is very rare that a juror will have to serve past their summons week, though it is possible.

The Jury Service Division is staffed by two full-time employees and assisted by one other Court Administrative employee. The Jury Service Division staff administers the program for the entire Eastern Judicial Circuit and provides jurors for the Superior, State and Probate Courts in that circuit. It is the responsibility of the Deputy Court Administrator/Jury Manager and Jury Coordinator to develop and coordinate with the aid of the Information and Communications Services Department (ICS) the weekly juror pools; to conduct the daily juror orientation; to summons approximately 30,000 people per year; to facilitate the processing of approximately 5,000 jurors reporting for service each year; to rule on requests for excusal, deferral, or exemption; to interact on a daily basis with citizens of Chatham County regarding all aspects of jury service; and all other duties involved in ensuring that Chatham County’s jury System functions well.

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Deputy Court Administrator/Jury Manager
Patty Morelli
(912) 652-7139

Jury Coordinator
(912) 652-7140 

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